We create enticing and interactive visual experiences
through modern technologies

We aim to change the way people experience cityscapes in modern times. Our mission is to enable people to explore cities, services and spaces with new and exiting ways - we light up buildings and surroundings, design meaningful interactions and craft playful experiences.

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There is no box.

We believe that every project is a unique opportunity to create something meaningful
and leave a mark in the world. From this mentality stems our focus and services.

  • Concept design

    Developing new technologies, tools or services and looking for a concept productization partner? We can help you validate, realize and commercialize.

  • Interaction design

    Succesful user experience is a distillation of user research and carefully crafted, thought-through physical & digital interfaces and mental systems. We help create interactive products and services based on solid foundations.

  • Projection mapping

    Projection mapping brings static spaces to life through video projectors and 3D visualizations. It can be used in long term installations or onecase showpieces. We provide projection mapping services from design to production.

  • 3D & 2D Content production

    Bringing ideas to life from product visualizations to animations. We create top notch visuals for different use cases.

Juho Vainio

CEO, Design Technologist

+358 40 578 8547

Artturi Elovirta

CIO, Creative Director

+358 45 279 3570